Dear Editor/Producer

Never Parted: A Brother’s Loving Teachings from the Afterlife is the true story of Terri Segal’s after-death communications with her departed brother and best friend, Duffy. Based on her personal journals, Ms. Segal honestly and intimately explores her journey of learning how to access and communicate with Duffy while working through grief, guilt, and sadness. Ultimately, Terri reaches insights into the nature of death, bringing understanding, and peace. Never Parted offers a brave new perspective on the nature of death and shows a way that each of us can relate to the heartbreaking experience of losing a loved one by finding ways to maintain a connection through after-death communication.

Target Audience

The book is for people grieving the death of a loved one, spiritual seekers, nontraditional religious types, those who are curious about the nature of reality, and people interested in paranormal phenomena and the “new physics.” Above all, Never Parted is a human-interest story about the process of grieving and healing, and of loss and hope.

Currently there are sixty to one hundred twenty million Americans who report having had one or more after-death communications (ADCs) with their deceased loved ones. Never Parted addresses both those individuals who are already “true believers’ in their own ADC’s and those who are seeking further confirmation of their experiences.

Purpose and Need

Despite our scientific and technological sophistication, people are still mystified by the process of death. Uncertainty, grief, guilt, and fear are all too common themes and experiences surrounding the death of a loved one. At the same time, a common experience for many is the phenomenon known as “after-death communication”, or ADC. Unfortunately, the “official” societal paradigm tends to disparage or disregard such events as “grief psychosis”, wishful thinking, or fantasy on the part of the bereaved. Yet today, increasing numbers of people are beginning to share their own stories- providing a sense of reassurance, comfort, community, and dignity to those who have opened themselves up to their ADC with their dearly departed loved ones.

Never Parted plays an important role in this field by adding its voice to the increasing number of people who are coming forward with their own stories to challenge what is still the current mainstream paradigm. It is never easy to challenge, question, or stand up to a cultural paradigm. Conventional views and beliefs about death (both religious and social) are deeply entrenched. Books such as Never Parted can contribute an important part of the process as such beliefs become increasingly challenged.

The book is told in an easy-to-read, conversational and accessible style. Instead of being a “scholarly” or philosophical work, the main body of the book is presented in a journal or diary format. As such, it directly conveys experiences as they happened.  During the book the reader is carried on a journey with Ms. Segal as she confronts, processes, and ultimately comes to terms with her own crisis of faith and self-doubt.

The era of ‘there is no life after death’, and “if you experience signs from a loved one, it is just ‘grief psychosis’ ” is quickly passing. Instead, a new paradigm is starting to emerge as theories in the fields of physics join with social science, consciousness studies, and health, holistic healing, and wellness. Most importantly, people from all over the world are increasingly seeking to reconnect with their deceased loved ones- and are actively learning ways in which to do so. Organizations like The Forever Family Foundation, The Association of Spirituality and Consciousness Studies, and Afterlife Awareness Education, to name a few, attract hundreds of thousands of followers to their websites and conferences each year. Each year the attendance at these conferences grows. Those who are seeking answers to the questions “where is my loved one?” and, “can I reach them?” are passionate and determined to gain as much information as they can.

The Spiritual Message

The heart of Never Parted is its spiritual message. From a spiritual perspective, death is an illusion, based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of life and death. Spiritually, “discarnate spirits” want us to openly accept their message to us- that they still exist! And, they sincerely want to help us in our own crises of faith. They want to reconnect with us and help us better understand the nature of our own existence. The seemingly impenetrable divide between the living and the dead is more accessible than we have been led to believe. Never Parted, and the larger field of ADC, affirms a much needed and basic, even essential, spiritual message- that life is eternal, and that love never dies; that our loved ones exist beyond the death of their physical form and that ongoing love is the best remedy for grief. Readers may recognize that their own experiences and stories are true and valid, readers can discover their own confidence in themselves.  As a true story, Never Parted encourages and inspire its readers to stay on course with their own discoveries about the nature of reality.

Interview Q&A

I decided to write the book to better understand my own communications with my deceased brother and to help others believe in their own experience. Few therapists have written of these types of experience with after-death communications and my hope was that through writing this book, I might be able to shed light on what happens to consciousness after we die and offer people tools for connecting more meaningfully with their loved ones in the afterlife.

I studied Art in College and had used it for a long time as a self-exploration tool. When I became a therapist, I taught client’s how to use it for self-awareness – to discover unconscious aspects of themselves. So as my brother was clearly communicating with me in other ways, and I was fascinated with the new connection, I decided to try automatic writing to see what information I would get.

My brother was a questioner of life. He was open to new things and so I was not surprised to receive communications from him. They were so consistent and strongly emotional for me. And the variety of communications was great. In particular the tactile sensations I have felt have been like nothing else I have ever experienced.

This question gets asked of me a lot. I did not intentionally do this. As I began to have communications, I decided to record these unusual experiences daily. Soon after my brother died, I met a friend told who told me about her experiences when her mother passed. I was intrigued, and comforted as she regarded it as so “normal.” And I was still questioning what was happening. Gradually the idea of turning the journal into a book came about. It was more to empower others to trust their own experiences.

I did question it at first. I was used to being the person to “diagnose” others who reported unusual things happening to them or unusual thoughts. It was as if one half of my mind was questioning and the other half was feeling very excited about what was happening. And I just wanted it to happen more. Eventually I had to realize that I had to choose in a sense, my head or my heart. My heart told me what was happening was real and not grief psychosis.

Most of my beliefs so far, I have realized – like most other people – have been unquestioned by myself. When this happened, I had to decide; was I going to believe what I was feeling to be true or was I going to be distracted by doubt. I have come to strongly believe in the afterlife and yet I can safely say that I can’t know for sure what lies ahead. But I think I know now.

Yes, absolutely. Interestingly enough there are certain signs or communications that seem to occur across different cultures. It is well recorded now, there are clearly types of communications that many millions of people have reported around the world.

I feel with more acceptance and more writing truthfully about our communications, we can understand the signs and communications even better.

The communication, through sensory experiences in my body that happen when I have the intentional thought to connect to my brother indicate to me that there is some form of consciousness that is present that is responding to my intentions. I am believing that that consciousness is my brother’s soul in its new form…it’s new consciousness.

I believe now that our soul lives eternally and that soul has many manifestations of consciousness to become more whole. As well we live in many states of consciousness here on Earth during our lifetime. We take it as normal, but it is quite extraordinary.

How is that possible?

Well, many people have shared stories of unusual experiences in life; for example, around loved ones about to die who have an increase in visions of deceased beloveds, conversations with people who died before us, descriptions of landscapes, of cars, trains, and other forms of transportation that are not seen in the “real world.”

These states of mind could be the dying entering a different state of consciousness from ordinary life and many have witnessed this and take it in stride.

So, I don’t think it is such a stretch to imagine life after death or beyond this world yet another state of consciousness.

Keeping a journal can help you move through grief very well.
Be open to the possibility that something transpersonal is occurring, and that the unusual experiences you may be having have meaning for you.
Avoid telling yourself that what you are experiencing is wrong or “not being strong or weird.”
Validate it is your own personal journey.
Allow the grief process to unfold in its own time.
Allow for silence. Sometimes it is better to just sit with your feelings and memories of your loved one.