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Suffering is a product of thought. It is a consequence of the thought processes consciousness has been conditioned to within a specific environment or immersed reality. This is to say, suffering can occur, or be carried over into many different realities and dimensions where thought adheres to adopted attitudes. Any cluster of thoughts which gravitate together within consciousness produce attitude. Attitudes create action and inaction, both from you and upon you. It is your relationship with the environment within, and without, which attracts your relationship to thought. Your relationship to thought produces your relationship to attitudes, beliefs and your perception of what you deem truth to be. When that state of truth is incomplete, when that state of perception is blurred, and when that state of belief is conditioned through fear, suffering is born.

Suffering occurs when you become disconnected from your roots, from your core essence, from your core values. Spiritual development, as it has been called, is about discovering your connection. Through connection you forge communication, whether it be to your spirit, your planet or your wellbeing. Through communication you forge a knowledge of and relationship to that which you are a part.

When you are stricken with dis-ease, distress or disability it is because a part of your biology has become disconnected from your root energy centres. Those infected cells are not communicating with or have a strong relationship with your core central values, your core energy sources. This disconnection in physiological or psychological health can create further disconnection in attitude, intention and action, for your thought processes become aligned to disharmony and fear. This changes your relationship to your core energy source and values, as well as your core central happiness and quality of life. This model of thought and understanding can also be applied to world suffering and the suffering of planet Earth.

The service you can offer to those in suffering is to help them rediscover their sense and experience of connection. Whether it is a human being, animal or a physical place, you always, in all ways, have a part to play. Help reconnect that person, thing or place to their core values and root energy centres.

Those that aid in the cause of suffering to others are those that suffer the most, for they are the most disconnected from the truth of their attitudes and actions. Help them connect to their roots that they may be nourished and grounded. Help them receive light that they may grow, blossom and be fruitful in their lives. Help them connect to their sense of purpose, their sense of peace and their sense of positive perspective. Help them connect with balance, with harmony and with happiness. You will know what to do in the right circumstance, within the right frame of mind, from the right heart wisdom and for the right reasons.

Let us again be reminded that suffering is a product of thought. Regardless of what takes place within the physical reality it is thought, your thought about that reality, which causes the reality of suffering. Suffering occurs when you attach specific fear attributed values to an interpretation, or specific perception, of your view of reality. Perhaps it is you have an open physical wound, or that cancer has enveloped a region of your biology; this might lead to an impression of suffering in your reactive learnt attitude of thought. The truth of such would be, you have not sustained an injury nor have you become afflicted with cancer; your physical biological counterpart has. These physical biological components (which you identify as you) were infused together from the soup of the Earth and were not brought here by you, your ancient spirit. These components, in their raw state, were already upon the Earth existing independent of your already existent spirit prior to you being born. As such components come from and are of the Earth, such components are thusly prone to the flaws, frailties and fractionations associated with planet Earth and its environment. Just as your spirit detaches its etheric cord from those components do they return once more to the Earth from where they came.

The spirit in its perfection and purity is never once subject to afflictions of the physical dimension, for it never at any time enters physical density reality. This nature of physicality should not in anyone’s wisdom beckon an attitude of suffering, if an accurate understanding of who they truly are remains present.

All that becomes of the physical counterpart, which you tend to identify as you, is simply a part of physical nature. As such should not be condemned, feared or fought, but accepted with gratitude for whatever experience it allows you to become part of. The challenges, and the difficulties you face as a human being through the use of the body are not karmic conditions forced upon you, or some other predetermined form of spiritual learning you must endure to ascend, but are mere consequential values you inherit from interacting with physical reality and its many combined components. Suffering is not a prerequisite for enlightenment, ascension, or any other state of bliss or mastery of spirit nature.

Let us first understand from this then, that whatever apparent ailments or transient conditions afflict the human organism, your core energy and pure spirit consciousness remain unaffected at all times. This basic truth must be incorporated into your attitude and approach if you wish to align with an optimal healing outcome. What this attitude of understanding enables is a connectivity with your core vibrational state; that which you originally brought with you to Earth. This vibration has the capacity to heal cells of the physical biology when brought through your consciousness. Why is this? This is because your core central vibration contains sentient coded language which your biological cells are programmed to understand, and thus respond to that coded language by awakening their own optimal function. This is to say, they become alive and begin to function optimally and communicate efficiently with their surrounding cells. This core vibration is what you would equate to, or perhaps identify as unconditional love, and is what flows through your etheric cord, which is connected to your solar plexus. This encoded language flows through your biological energy centres and delivers the spirit gifts that you have through the various outlet applications you develop in your life.

Now before you indulge your human intellect and begin to map out complex details of the various energy centres of the human biology, simply stop, and let go of that necessity for mental detail. The human chakra centres and other connective streams will take care of themselves independently as you progress. It is not a prerequisite for healing or spiritual mastery to intellectualize the works and functionings of these processes. With the right attitude and approach, such processes will, like the rest of your biological functions, take care of themselves independent of your conscious control. Just as your heart or lungs do. What you must do is facilitate the optimal environment and conditions necessary for healing and wellbeing. The rest will take care of itself. This is to say, creating the conditions for your core central vibration to flow freely unrestricted through your solar plexus, through your central nervous system, spine and throughout your entire body. This in itself would be a normal and natural process which would require little effort on your conscious will. However, since birth you have built a whole fortress of walls and barriers within your physical biology, through diet and lifestyle, as well as those within mind and attitude. What you must do then is to start removing all the walls and barriers you have created in order that the natural rhythm and flow of your spirit essence can permeate freely through and to each and every cell of your body, and every thought within mind.

Healing then, at the root and source, must start with the removal of something, rather than the addition of something else. Connectivity on deeper levels cannot take place with existing barriers that you have build within you. Your task then is to find and remove them. You must seek to remove all harmful and adverse components that reside within the body, as well as within your mind and consciousness persona. This included unhealthy diets, lifestyles, living conditions, working conditions, relationship conditions, attitudes, behaviours and unresolved memory traumas or attachments. Look at each of these and identify something in each of them which has harmful and adverse influence over you.

The key to healing then is to invite in that perfection, that purity into physical state as best you can. What you want to be doing then is to align your physical cells and the frequencies they resonate to one of optimal healthy alignment, balance and communication. This means returning those dis-eased cells, or dis-eased thoughts to their original core functional vibration. This is done through an alignment of attitude and action to one connective and receptive to your spirit source. This is done through connecting to your core central values. Suffering, in any form, does not resonate to your core central values.
As a physical being you will encounter two types of pain – physical pain and emotional pain.

Physical pain is a result of communication between nerve endings, the central nervous system and the physical brain. Damage or injury to your physical body only causes you distress, fear and retraction when communication from your central nervous system triggers your cellular memory response. This cellular memory contains instructions and belief systems about how you should respond to that nervous system information. In other words, you create a thought from past learnt behaviour and you produce a reaction in response to that thought. In many cases this triggers a sensation of fear as you enact the behaviour of a victim, for this is how you have been taught to react as a biological species over thousands of years of cellular memory transference.

You also experience emotional pain. This is the pain you choose to carry within and around with you as a result of a traumatic past event. Since the event is no longer taking place in this present moment it exists only as a memory in your mind and cellular structure. The event can only continue to cause you distress if you continue to think about it. Thus the cause of your suffering due to any past event is the result of a present moment thought. Just in the same way as anxiety or dread over a future event exists only in your thought about it. That thought communicates with your cellular and consciousness memory of your interpretation of that event at that time, and you continue to reanimate its interpretational values in your present moment of mind. So yes, pain is caused only by your mind.

You will arrive at the dawn of realization to this when you have learnt to let go of all thought. For when there is no thought, there is no judgement or clouded interpretation; there is no re-enacted learnt behaviour; there is no past and no future; there becomes only one-ness with the present. This seems alien to you because you have not stepped into such a place. Such a place you are trying to place in your mind, but your mind is already too full of contradicting thoughts to accept it. Such a place cannot and will not exist in mind, not as an accurate idea or concept, but must be a condition beyond mind.

So it is then you walk into an environment where there is certain behaviour interpreted by your thoughts as negative. Perhaps you feel someone is draining your energy or there is physical violence taking place. Before you have even arrived at that encounter you have set yourself up as a victim because you have preconceived interpretational values of that event. In other words, you will immediately interpret the event as negative and then reinforce that negativity by telling yourself you have to protect yourself from it. When you are then unable to protect yourself completely from this interaction you then become disillusioned and doubtful in your abilities. This is an exhaustive cycle and repetition of behaviour.

As an empathic being you are going to want to immerse yourself in this sacred gift of sensitivity and connection. What you are going to want to do is train yourself to remain open and sensitive yet to relinquish your focus and necessity for personal ego and persona. This is to say, you are going to learn to become a silent witness to events as they take place without adding your personal ego, your personal perspective and your own memory infrastructure. Basically you are going to let go of that which you perceive is ‘you’ and become one with that which you are being empathic to. But, the most important part, you are going to need to let go of it once you have experienced one-ness with it in order to relinquish ownership of it and its influence when returning to your human persona. That is the difficult part, but it is possible by learning to let go of thought altogether. If I can do this, so too can you.

Remember, feelings are perfect truth. Perfect truth can never hurt you. That which you feel does not hurt you. What hurts you is the interactivity of the thought you have about that feeling. Your thoughts attach your morality values of good and bad, right and wrong, your naiveties and your perceptions, and in doing so attach instructions to your human persona how to respond. So what you do is you respond negatively, you respond by perceiving yourself as a victim because you are now experiencing something undesirable. It is undesirable because your thought says so. In owning thoughts, your thoughts own you.

I used the term victim to describe a state of attitude which robs an individual from their perception of Self-worth. Two individuals can be hit by a moving vehicle and brake both legs. The one who plays the role of a victim is the one who is angry, the one who seeks to punish the driver, the one who feels less or disadvantaged than they were before the accident. The second individual does not perceive themselves as a victim. They are not angry over the event, they understand punishment will not cause their legs to heal or the driver to feel more remorse, and they do not feel any less or more disadvantaged than they were before.

Greatest insights are never the result of suffering, for if this were so then suffering would be an inherent nature and characteristic of the spirit world. The spirit world being home to the most wise and insightful beings in the multiverse. Great insights are the result of an individual becoming more receptive to the language of their feelings; the language of truth. Unfortunately it often takes some form of suffering to motivate a human being to feel anything strongly enough to act upon it, or to seek the wisdom and guidance within it. This is the value you are referring to, and yet this value need not come through the catalyst of suffering.

There have been many noble souls who have sought enlightenment through suffering.

They have failed.