Spirit Message to New Mother

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I was attending a party recently  at a home nestled in the vineyards of Sonoma. It was a beautiful day with beautiful people. I didn’t know anyone but everyone was so friendly.

As I made my way around the party scene, I found myself next to a woman who asked me about my life.. The standard small talk; what do you do and all that. I explained that by day I was a psychotherapist but my real passion now was my writing. She was a nurse.

We got on the subject of my manuscript.. After death Signs from the deceased.

She looked at me softly and said “I’ve only told this to two people in my life”…and She relayed the following story.

When she was much younger she had a baby girl. One afternoon when her baby was nearly 5 months old she was relaxing in the room adjacent to her baby’s room. She began to hear noises coming from the room – objects being moved!  She went to get up and see when she felt what she could only describe as an invisible hand/pressure hold down her forearm. Then she felt the pressure on her chest holding her back. She pushed against this invisible force after a few seconds.

When she stepped in her baby’s room she saw her daughter safely asleep in her crib. But, somehow all around the crib were her baby’s toys neatly arranged in a semi circle in front of the crib. In the center was the old, decorated box she was using to put in photos and keepsakes of her new baby’s life. The top of the box had a picture of an angel on it. The top was open.

She says when she saw this she was not afraid, in fact, it had a very natural feeling in the room.. Very matter of fact.

She found herself,without thought, calmly putting the items back where they had been. She picked up her daughter and as she breast feed her prayed for her protection.

She did not tell anyone, not even her husband what had happened. Mostly because she had no reference point, no explanation for what she clearly saw and felt.

Tragically a short time me later her baby died of SIDS. She told me that when it happened the first thing she thought of was the scene in her baby’s room that day.

She felt she had been given a message, from who or what she did not know. The message was that her baby was going to be protected. She was fine wherever she was.

She is not sure how much grief she was saved from by that loving act.  But she knows it probably saved her life – emotionally. She does not know who the spirit was. Was it a deceased relative? A spirit guide? To this day she is unsure.

To this day she has only shared the story with two, now three people.

I thanked her for sharing and asked if I could tell her story on my site. She agreed.

There are many stories of discarnate spirits moving objects to get their loved ones attention. This is the first time I have heard of a case in which spirit moves objects before a death and seemingly in a message of comfort.

What an amazing tale of caring from beyond the horizon. We are loved!