Spirit Inspired Art

What is “Spirit Art” and how is it different from other artistic creations?  

First: there are many types of artists….


Mixed Media arts





Theater Performers
And more…!

Any kind of art creation I would argue directly comes from our spiritual home… from within.  But some “Spirit Artists” report to have channelled their work – a sort of divine inspiration first hand with no editing initially that is….I believe “Spirit Art” is whatever creative impulse is channeled with the intent to share the message from the Divine with others. 

Messages are received in many ways: automatic writing, meditation, sense impressions, in dreams, visually and audibly.

Spirit Artists can get their art in all at once, in a sudden flood, or in bits and pieces that are then woven together for the final piece. Some artists get their information from clairvoyant channels and others come through clairaudient and claircognizant channels, meaning through via thought form or message.

Spirit Art is meant/intended for assisting in the healing of the collective  and to raise collective vibration and joy. And those the message is intended for, the intended receiver, will receive in the way that is most healing to them, as part of their soul’s purpose. 

Therefore, it is not in a sense controlled what is created.

Please enjoy my spirit inspired art – channeled mostly through meditation and dream memories.