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“My brother in law Dave Mobley passed away suddenly when he was only 30. We we’re the same age and he was my husband’s best friend as well. I had never lost a family member until then. We all gathered at my mom’s house and spent a couple nights together to be with my sister and attend the viewing and funeral. The evening of the viewing (which is actually where this happened, not the funeral), I recall there were an unbelievable amount of people there. Dave was so well liked and loved. He always made everyone smile and feel special some how. As we were all packed like sardines, I recall one of our mutual friends Greg (who was normally very outgoing like Dave) sitting and not speaking really to anyone. I went and sat beside him to try and talk with him. He started to open up and talk and said that he couldn’t get himself to go up to the casket and see him or say good bye. Just as he said that I literally felt the hairs on my arms stand up and felt a true electricity in the air where we sat. I began to feel giddy and excited and so joyous I wanted to jump out and start shouting “what is happening, does anyone feel what’s happening and what’s going on”!! Mind you though, I didn’t do that. I looked up and just a little ways above us was Dave! He was SO HAPPY and smiling so big!! He kept telling Greg “Hey, I’m right here man! You never have to say goodbye! I’ll always be with you and I’ll be with all of you” !! I don’t know why to this day I didn’t say to Greg, “he’s here, look up, he’s here”! I regret it always, but I was stunned as well. The Dave I knew was here with us! I told no one for years, even my own sister. I knew she wouldn’t believe me at the time, or so I did not think so. I since have told her. This happened close to 25 years ago. The rest of that evening I saw him again and again. He went all around the room that night hovering over different groups of his friends and family telling them how he loved them and that all was perfect. I remained that evening feeling his electricity and seeing with my feelings, if that makes any sense. I went from being so incredibly sad for he and my sister upon my arrival that night to being overwhelmed with excitement and love and truly Happy for him!   The next morning I woke and laid in bed listening to my mom and dad out in the living room talking when I felt someone just at the foot of my bed and just off to the side. This time I saw him with my physical eyes and the strong feelings of his essence of presence. He smiled and said, “don’t worry, Carla will be alright” . And with that I have only  seen him one other time though I admit it was in a dream, a very real dream. I saw him in what I assumed was Heaven. He was just like always, surrounded by so many friends just laughing and talking with them. He saw me and started walking towards me as I started walking towards him, shocked that I was seeing him. We both out are hands in the air to like touch our palms together, but something I could not see but understood we wouldn’t be able to actually touch hands. He had that big smile on his face like always, and without moving his mouth he assured me he was happy and doing great and I didn’t have to worry. Again, that part was a dream and when I woke up I again felt that electricity like I did at his viewing. I will never ever doubt that we go on when we leave here and never could anyone convince me otherwise.  It’s been a long time now since I’ve shared this.”

– Tonya D.H.