I saw a young child learning to swim today.

I saw a young child learning to swim today. The instructor coaxed her to roll on her back and kick. The little girl did as she was told. She splashed and kicked and finally rolled onto her stomach. Her lip was quivering; clearly she was scared but kept her chin up. ” My first one she said triumphantly!”

It made me think about how we all face fears throughout our whole lives. From early on we brave the world of human emotions. Hopes and sorrows, loss and pain and joy and happiness. It’s not an easy ride.

With my brother’s death three years ago I realized one powerful lesson.

It is MY life.. I get to choose how I live it, what I believe about it and how I will face my demons. I get to decide, in this case, that (god)- life really does love me. Not because I get what I want but because in choosing to find the pearl in the “rub” a greater wisdom comes through. I am not alone. I am not subject to loss and pain at the whims of creation.

I’m here to realize that life goes on. Our souls continue after death. In fact, there are a whole lot of fears perpetuated about death. They are false.

I am here to say to my loved ones, that it is now time to become a warrior everyday. To take a stand for what You’ve come to believe.

I am going to talk about it, write about it, live it and most importantly have FAITH in it. I invite you to as well.

The devil is not the enemy. He is a blessing because he signifies a challenge. Be challenged to feel your feelings, find happiness, follow bliss. Realize your soul is light eternal and nothing can take that away.

In my book I have written ” Never ” Parted” I talk about things that are hard for many to believe. I do it defiantly. But now I know that many people have had the same experiences. Many have even written of them. But some are afraid to talk of it. So I encourage them to be braver.

Life has not forsaken me (us). Life is always holding the door open to a greater truth. Always! And the answers to my problems are an arms length away. I just have to tilt my head and be willing to look sideways.

You are loved, you are limitless.. Try and remember next time you are scared or feeling lonely.