My meeting with Ralph

I had a date with Ralph Metzner today. Really, the Ralph Metzner; of the Timothy Leary, Ram Dass and Ralph Metzner trio. It was not a date, date, more like a date with fate.
I was referred to him by a friend. Really, a man I just met who recently wrote about his experiences of communicating with his son, who has passed onto the “other side.”

Wow I said to my friend, I really want more information about how my brother is doing and even though we have some contact, I am sure open to more.

My friend, I will call him “Mike” told me that he had a rather fruitful therapy with a Ralph Metzner in Marin. Ralph helped him to connect with his son. He might even do a past life regression with you!

Ralph Metzner doing a past life regression with me – I’m in!

I called and scheduled an appointment. I was not really sure what I was looking for and so I said “consultation please.” We talked a bit and I told him about my brother’s death, the essay I wrote and now the book. He asks me to send him the essay. I am so flattered I quickly send it off…the Ralph Metzner is going to ready my essay. Cool. I then patiently waited for my “consultation day.”

It was hot today in Marin. I am nervous and excited and sweating way too much. I waited patiently for my chance to meet with Ralph and to connect with my dear brother Duffy some more. Of course I had questions for him, but I was going to play it cool, I’d have to feel out the situation.

I found Door 207 and I wiped my face. I had all of the books he has written and I was ready to make a great impression. Somehow, I had assumed that door 207 would open to a waiting area – that has been my experience in the past with therapy offices. So, I fling open the door. Whoops, Ralph looks up from his desk with surprise.

“Well come on in, then” he says. “Oh my gosh, I am SO sorry, I thought there would be a waiting room.” I say. He just looked at me with an owl’s eye stare. Ok, this is not starting off well.

I sit down on the couch and suddenly feel the strangeness of being on “this side” of the couch. Hmm. He stares. “Well, why are you here?” I scramble to find a reason. “To talk about my experiences I say. Maybe to have a past life regression session…”

Ralph has a way of getting right to the point. He takes out the Essay I had sent him and he has clearly highlighted some of it. I think well, he must really like it.

He looks at me with that stare and says “It seems to me that your brother is reaching out to you. He is calling on you, asking for your attention.” I say I know and I have written a whole book about it.

He frowns. “I think that you are missing the point. Why have a past life regression session. It seems to me that what is happening in this life is where it is at.” Wow, I am stunned. “Your brother is calling you and you are picking up the phone but not really asking him what he wants to say.” I struggle to defend myself. “But I have asked SOME questions…it’s all here in the book – I weakly point to the manuscript I brought.”

I know though, that there is truth in what Ralph is saying. Much of my energy has been spent on just being amazed at the connection and to some degree worrying about what others will think of it and not asking Duffy about HIS experience. I am feeling selfish and silly.

“And by the way, you don’t need to worry about proving yourself to anyone.” He explains that if others don’t believe that the dead are in fact, right here, waiting to talk, then that is there karma.

He gets quiet and then looks a bit pensive. He then shares with me that when his son died, at age 8 from a car accident, it took him eleven years to try and connect with him.

“I was just too wrecked, myself.” “Once I did start connecting to him, he told me a very important thing…..”dad, I am just a thought away.” I stare back and am taken by surprise. It is so personal and so wonderful that he shares this with me.

Ralph asks if I want to do a short meditation and then ask Duffy to connect. I say sure and so I close my eyes. After focusing I ask Duffy to visit, tell him I am listening to him and ask him what he would like to share. I got an image of him with a black motorcycle. He has his leather suit on, helmet and big grin. “Well what do you want me to know with this image?’ I then see the sunset, which he is going to ride into. I tell Ralph he was not all that comfortable with motorcycles when he was alive. “Sounds like he is still playing with his newfound freedom.” I watch him ride off and open my eyes.

Ralph is silent. “He is a playful one.” “Yes he was, is….” I say. Ralph again looks me in the eye. “Maybe your brother has more to say to you. Make a space for him, listen and write. Let go of the need to prove yourself, defend yourself and keep communicating.”

He said he would not do the past life regression. “Absolutely not, the life you have now is far more relevant. “He’s knocking on the door. Will you answer him?”