During my vacation back East I had the opportunity to give a lecture on how to heal grief and respond to reports of patients having experienced After Death Communications.

It was a success and I learned from it. Three audience members came up to tell me their personal stories about their own experience of “unusual” grief. For them, they had told few people but in their hearts knew their tale to be true.

One young man told me of his girlfriend’s (we will call her Sally) grandfather who had died recently. He did not know him. One night he got the strong sensation of a voice singing the song “On a Wing and a Prayer.” He felt he was being told to sing the song to his girlfriend’s father. Not his own thought, rather another person, gentle and clearly saying to do so.

So, he did! His girlfriend’s father looked puzzled and told the young man this story. When his father – Sally’s grandfather – was in the Air Force as a young man, their plane engine caught on fire. They were scared and did not know if they would make it down in one piece. They all sang this song to each other…It was a sacred moment in this man’s life. He asked how he knew of this. Of course he had no rational explanation. All he had was this strange story of being encouraged to sing this song. He did not know why.

This young man asked me if I thought that spirit uses people to send messages to other people. I said Yes, I thought it did all the time; if spirit can find a person open enough to do so. He was so excited and he said he felt the whole time that this was extraordinary and special. He then said he believed that all of life is connection – we are all connected in so many ways we cannot even begin to understand here in this life. But, sometimes we get glimpses of this.

If we knew how connected we all really are in the great web of eternity, might we act differently here on earth?

I believe that our soul is indestructible. It changes form and chooses lessons, but it never “dies.” Like looking into the eyes of an old friend we have not seen for many years. The outer shell may appear different but the light and the love connection we can see in each others eyes tells the truth – our spirit is indestructible and love is recognizable for all time.