I was blessed with the support of three amazing poets for my book.

I was blessed with the support of three amazing poets for my book.. One is Bob -thank you for grasping the mystery!

Bob O’Hearn


What will it take to please our Spirit?

Four sparrows fly out from the inner room:
north, south, east, west. Although it may seem
empty now, a tiny flame of light still burns within.

When we merge with that living light, our eyes
well up with unaccountable tears. For that one
moment, we are left bereft of words and wants.

In the world of the known, weary old men doze,
while the children race in circles around them,
until at last there is only light, the same state
in which we all exist, unspeakably.

In this light, there are neither leaders nor followers,
neither shepherds nor sheep. In every direction,
there is only luminous unbounded space.

If we are able to stay awake and not look back
with desire, anger, or regret, it will be good for us.
Whatever may appear — vile, holy, or indescribable —
it amounts to nothing more than figments of imagination.

A stone dog guards the ghost palace. We are free
to come and go, although there is nothing there for us.

A long parade of celestial beings is always ascending
and descending, like rain drops that fall to earth
and then evaporate back into the sky.

There is no special or secret meaning to this,
any more than when night becomes the day,
and then the night again.

Nothing has happened, no one has gone anywhere.
Motion alternates with rest — everything is innocent.

Out on the parched plains, the earth is longing
for the blessing. Patient, patient . . . it will come.