Connecting with spirit is a natural!!!

imageWhen my dear brother passed almost two years ago I immediately began receiving communication from his spirit… I do believe!! Some say ” from across the veil.” I’ve come to know that there is no veil; rather our difference in perspective on eternity.  Duffy now sees from a view I can’t imagine.  Yet, he can send images, touch, songs and signs.

As soon as he passed I began journaling as a way to weather the strong winds of grief and as a way to capture these most surprising occurrences.

I am now turning these journal entries into a book. My motivation is to reach people like those I have met who have told me about their own ” unusual” visits with spirit who feel reluctant to speak openly. One mother I met in Oklahoma says she lives in a small town where this kind of thing is just not accepted. Yet her connection with her son is strong. She hears him through electronic voice recognition and in numerous synchronicities.  She is quiet perfectly of sound mind and body and NOTHING or no one is going to tell her that her experience is not real. She knows better.

We all have everything we need to communicate with our deceased loved ones. We don’t NEED special tricks or other people to help us. For some this may help initially – to get some guidance and then, well it is just a matter of practice and desire.

We just have to be sufficiently open, fearless and not feeling too much intense anger or sorrow.    It is a mystery why some deceased spirits can come through and others don’t. Some theorize that not all spirits want to or are sufficiently developed to do so. I have talked with people who say their loved one was a very strong person (as in determined, focused) in life and seems to continue to be in death. And they say that their loved one was also open to the idea of life after death – or at least not firmly opposed.

So we don’t get to know why some come through and others don’t. But when a connection happens it is comforting, special and for me reinforcing of my belief that the mystery of life is never ending …and we are too!

Communication with spirit is a natural!!